"Award Winning Bounty Hunters of Blockchain"

CryptoTrace applies technology to control and trace suspicious transactions on any blockchain. Specialists utilize our technology for tracing and examinations of Crypto-Currency concerning crime utilizing advanced deciphering standards. Banks and Crypto exchanges rely upon our technology/methods to screen risk of scam/fraud from crypto exchanges. We have on multiple occasion helped Law Enforcement Agencies to carry out investigations and in some cases successfully bring Crypto Criminals to justice.
CryptoTrace is trusted all around the world by banks, crypto organizations, Law Enforcement, RegTechs and Government Administrations.
We have assisted with the recovery of Millions of dollar worth of Crypto from scammers back to their rightful owners. We have researched and traced Crypto Currencies linked in cyber-crime cases globally.
CryptoTrace conducts different sorts of reviews for Investment firms and monetary organizations. Such reviews might incorporate checking the presence and control of implied crypto currency resources the venture company holds, and evaluating the worth of such resources.
Some of the time we are approached to break down and evaluate in the event that there is any dubious or inappropriate movement that has happened with respect to the trading company, or likewise whether the wellspring of assets given by pertinent financial backers is genuine as a component of a Source of Funds Analysis.